Client: Tom Willoughby

Type of Project: Pre Designed

Project Completed: March 2021

Mechanical Services: Upgrade and replace all heating and hot water plant, over a 6-month period, in 8 plant rooms including associated equipment and pipework services alterations.




JH Mechanical have completed the Mechanical refurbishment works to the plant rooms serving the Sergeants Mess and an accommodation block at RAF Boulmer which were continuously failing and past design life. We undertook an upgrade to replace all heating and hot water plant, over a 6- month period, in 8 plant rooms.

The upgrade included the stripping out of the existing redundant heating boilers, flue systems and distribution pipework and fittings, heating pumps, HWS calorifiers and all redundant hot and cold- water distribution pipework contained within the plant rooms.

This was followed by the installation of new high efficiency HWS calorifiers within each calorifier room, the replacement of all associated domestic hot and cold-water distribution pipework and HWS secondary circulating pumps. New LTHW floor standing condensing boilers including boiler flow and return headers, and isolation valves and flues were also installed.

A new internal natural gas distribution to supply the boiler room was added including the installation of a gas solenoid valve and gas safety circuit.

All works were carried in a live working environment and kept disruption to as minimal as possible.