Our Projects

Full Boiler Plant Installation at Sunnyside Academy, Middlesbrough

Date Undertaken: July-August 2018

The plant room heating and hot water upgrade involved replacing three floor standing atmospheric boilers and horizontal vented calorifiers with three high efficiency condensing boilers on a cascade system with a unvented hot water cylinder. All pipe work was renewed with new associated equipment such as pumps, valves, air/dirt separator, pressurisation unit and expansion vessel.

The controls system was also upgraded with a new panel and controls devices to operate school remotely through BMS controls.

After Picture – Sunnyside Academy, Middlesbrough

After Picture – The Ferns Academy, Bolton

Boiler Plant Installation at the Ferns Academy, Bolton

Undertaken: July-August 2018

This project involved an upgrade to heating system. We removed four atmospheric floor standing appliances and installed three high efficiency floor standing condensing boilers. JH Mechanical Services undertook all heating and gas pipe work modifications and designed, supplied and installed a new flue system.

Replace Heating System at Catterick Garrison

Date Undertaken: March 2018

This project was undertaken at Vimy 101, Catterick Garrison.

We stripped out the existing heating and hot water systems and refurbished the existing Air handling Unit. We supplied and installed three wall mounted condensing boilers on a cascade system and undertook a full pipe work upgrade and new thermal insulation upon completion.

After Picture – Catterick Garrison

After Picture

Replace Heating System at Aanco

Undertaken: December 2017

We designed and installed warm air heating to factory units including gas supply pipe work and destrat fans.

Flue Installation at RAF Leeming

Date Undertaken: March 2018

We stripped out substandard Flue installations to boilers in aircraft bunkers; then designed, installed and commissioned a new flue system to meet current regulatory standards.

Installation of Flues at Paterson House, Railway Housing Association

Undertaken: May 2018

We supplied and installed two wall mounted condensing heating boilers and adapted and modified all heating and gas pipe work and added in a new external flue system.

We also completed the upgrade of the controls system with a new control panel which enabled the remote operation of plant and equipment; giving complete control to the client.

Boiler Replacement at Parkside Halls, Teesside University

Date Undertaken: July 2018

We upgraded 36 30KW combination boilers to halls of residence and upgraded a commercial boiler plant, installing one wall hung 80KW condensing boiler and unvented hot water cylinder.

Other Case Studies

Tom Willoughby

Type: Maintenance, Reactive Repairs and Install.

Since: 2016

Scope: 7 man engineering team, management and admin


Gradestone Ltd

Type: Install.

Since: 2016

Scope: 5 man engineering team, management and admin

Coast and Country Housing

Type: Maintenance, Servicing, Reactive Repairs and Install.

Since: 2017

Scope: 5 man engineering team, management and admin

Diocese of Middlesbrough

Type:  Install.

Since: 2016

Scope: 4 man engineering team, management